Goals for 2016.

I know, we are nearing the end of February, but I want to put my Goals for 2016 down, in writing, so I can look back on this post next year, and feel really good at achieving them. Hopefully.

I set myself quite a few New Year's Resolutions this year, and I am really trying to motivate myself to achieve them. I will admit, some of them I haven't started yet, yet, but I have promised myself to get in gear and start achieving!

1. Read more.

I have mentioned this in a previous post. I love to read, and last year I started out really well, but alas, life just got in the way, as it sometimes tends to do.

I used to love using Goodreads, but after a while I just fell out of the habit of using it. Goodreads is a great online resource for connecting with like-minded book worms and discovering new reads.

This year, I really want to get back into the habit of reading. At Christmas, someone bought me the Complete Collection of Sherlock Holmes, I am a massive Sherlock Holmes fan! It is a massive book, and I am about a fifth of the way through. After that, I want to focus on reading the books of Agatha Christie, in publication order.

I also have quite a stash of other books that I plan to read on my commute to work.

2. Let's Get Physical!

Yes, it's the old "I'm going on a diet and getting fit" resolution BUT, the boyfriend and I are returning to Florida again later this year, and I want to be fit and ready for it!

Most Sundays, we will go for a walk for an hour or two. Usually around our favourite National Trust property, Mount Stewart House & Gardens, or our nearby country park & beach. We are also lucky to live near a coastal path that stretches one or two miles!

During the week while at work, the main exercise is walking to & from the bus, around the office and trying to get out during lunch for 20 or 30 minutes. I aim to do this two or three times a week.

Diets. I don't tend to follow diets. I don't particularly like being told what to eat & when (let's be honest, who does?!) and we all know what we have to do. Less rubbish, more of the good stuff!

I like to do my own thing. I love cooking, and love taking a recipe and adapting it to make it healthier and tastier. I will admit, I do love cooking some of the Hairy Bikers' healthy recipes. 

So my goal is to get fitter & hopefully lose a little weight in time for Florida in September.

3. Taking Up a new Hobby - Calligraphy.

As well as taking up blogging, I have always been fascinated by Calligraphy. I have a relative who is fabulous at it, and I have wanted to have a go ever since seeing it as a little girl.

I have discovered Quill London, who not only sell beautiful stationary and calligraphy supplies, but they also run calligraphy courses. I would love to be able to take the Beginners Modern Calligraphy course, but unfortunately I don't live close enough.

They do however sell this fantastic Modern Calligraphy starter kit, which I have ordered and waiting (im)patiently to arrive! I can't wait to get started and share my progress with you!

Quill London - Modern Calligraphy starter kit

4. Volunteering.

I have been a member of the National Trust for as long as I can remember. First on my parents' family membership, and when I became old enough, I began paying for my own membership.

For a while now I have been considering volunteering. I love the work the National Trust do, and there are so many properties that I have visited and loved, which, if not for the National Trust, I would have not got to see. For me, a full-time career within the National Trust would be the ideal job for me!

Quite a few different volunteering roles have come up at my favourite property. There are various roles, from ranger (grounds keeping, care for gardens etc) to visitor assistants and assisting to look after the houses and their contents, to admin roles.

5. Become a Nicer Person.

Lastly, I have promised myself to try and become a nicer person. Now, I am not a horrible, nasty person, I like to think far from it. But I have my odd moments of grumpiness and stubbornness, and since moving in with my boyfriend, he has bore the brunt of some of my un-pleastanries.

So I am attempting at new approach to things. Keeping a cooler head, and not getting grumpy and huffing. So far, so good. And I am definitely feeling like a much nicer person for it already!


  1. Your goals are pretty much the same as mine!! I'm doing quite well with reading, I've just finished my fourth book so far, and you've just reminded me I need to update my Goodreads :P I also need to practice more with the calligraphy set I got for Christmas - it's so much harder than it looks!!
    Good luck with your goals! :)

    Hannah xx | hannahemilylane.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks! Maybe I need to re-connect with GoodReads!

      I know! I am really looking forward to it, but secretly worried I won't get the hang of it!

  2. Calligraphy is a great skill! My favourite of all your goals!

  3. I agree with purple button an awesome skill xxx

  4. Thanks Rosie & PurpleButton Couture. I will definitely do a blog series on my practice.