Mother's Day Gift Inspiration.

I cannot believe that Mother's Day is nearly here! This year is already flying by. For those of you who may not have heard, Mothering Sunday is on 6th March (UK), and I have started to seek out inspiration for gift ideas.

I have picked out some of my favourite places to visit when I am in need for ideas of unique & quirky gifts, and already I have some ideas for my mum in mind.


I have heard & seen a lot recently about Gemporia on Social Media, and have found lovely Amethyst (my birthstone!) rings in the past, so I decided to have a look at their website again for something for mum.

Gemporia "offers...stylish, affordable and responsibly made jewellery."

Gemporia offer a huge amount of jewellery, and for my mum, I am looking for an emerald ring. My mum loves emeralds. Her engagement ring is emerald & diamond, but it has taken a bit of abuse over the years and she always wanted another emerald ring.

While browsing through their huge amount of jewellery, I came across this beautiful ring. The style is  definitely something she would go for, and the emeralds look lovely. This is definitely going onto my "To be Purchased" list!

Zambian Emerald & Diamond Sterling Silver Ring 0.87cts | Gemporia

The Paper Hare.

I love The Paper Hare, and was lucky enough recently to win one of Georgie's lovely prints on Instagram. I love Georgie's words on how The Paper Hare came to be.

"At The Paper Hare we are drawn to the wilds, wonderous words and stationary that will make your heart sing. Our collection of illustrated goodies include prints, Moleskine journals and totebags! With a back pocket full of pressed flowers and a head full of daydreams each & every design is thoughtfully made or drawn from our Gloucestershire studio before arriving in the shop..."

My mum loves notebooks, she is one for making a list or three! I have been admiring Georgie's moleskine notebooks for a while, the only difficulty is which one to choose!

I also love her tote bags, particularly the one below with the cute, standing bunny, and I have my eye on some more of her prints.

The Paper Hare

Busy B.

Busy B is a favourite stationary haunt for bloggers, and their products are practical as well as pretty!

I have my eyes on quite a few of their products, mostly their pretty notebooks & stickers! But for my book-loving mother, I have my eye on their Book Journal. It's different, I have never seen anything like it, and my mum is sure to get plenty of use from it!

Busy B - Book Journal

I love NOTHS, I have bought so many quirky & unusual presents from it's many independent sellers over the years.

NOTHS is packed full of gift ideas, including some fabulous greeting cards, you are sure to find something to suit all tastes!

I have my eye on The Book of Everyone Mum Edition. I bought the boyfriend the Romantic edition, and it is not only fun to give as a present, but equally as fun to create!

You customise the book with things like the lucky recipient's 3 favourite things & motto to live their life by, and using the recipient's date of birth, the book is then packed full of fun facts relating to their birthday.

The Romantic edition had romantic facts & a romantic but funny poem, so the Mum edition is bound to be equally as fun.

If you are looking for something to raise a smile & a giggle, then this is the present for you!

The Book of Everyone - Mum Edition

Have you thought about what you are planning for Mother's Day, or have you already got sorted? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear your ideas for your own mum!


  1. Great IDEAS! I love the paper hare, must have a look!

    1. The Paper Hare is lovely, and the products are good prices as well.