Product love: Ayres Body Butter.

A generous little 28g tub of this gloriously scented body butter was awaiting for me to discover in February's Birchbox, and it is one of the first Birchbox discoveries that I am truly loving.

I don't know if it's just me, but the past few months I have not been enjoying my Birchboxes as much. After January's poor box I was close to unsubscribing, but chose to hang on for February's box, as I was curious to check out Birchbox's own make-up product, the LOC (Love of Colour) One & Done Shadow Stick.

Along came February's box, and while there were some better sample choices this time, Ayres Beauty's Body Butter in the scent Patagonia, was the star.

"The paraben-free formula contains a signature blend of natural plant emollients, herbal extracts, and vitamins to soothe and moisturise skin. Vitamin E protects skin from free radical damage, while shea butter sinks in for lasting hydration. Choose from three scents: Midnight Tango is a blend of orange blossom and vanilla; Pampas Sunrise, anchored by cedarwood, invigorates with citrus, patchouli, and spearmint notes; and Patagonia is a soothing mix of jasmine, lavender, ylang-ylang, and fir. "

The body butter is just that....a thick, rich butter consistency that melts beautifully into the skin. And it melts in fast. One of the reasons why I am not the biggest fan of body butters & lotions, is due to the length of time it takes to absorb.

The product doesn't leave any sticky residue or greasiness, and has the loveliest smell. I keep opening it to have a sniff as I write this. You can really smell the essential oils, and about 6 hours after applying, there is still a very faint scent left, but my skin is still incredibly.

It's safe to say, I will definitely be purchasing the full size version, which Birchbox have for £19.50.

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