March Round Up - Instagram Love.

I love Instagram. As a photography fan & amateur shutterbug, I love seeing the huge amounts of creativity that are shared - as well as being a good source of inspiration. Today, I want to share with you my favourite Instagram accounts that I have stumbled across over the last month.

Imii Mace (@imii.mace)

A very recent discovery, Imii is a British blogger who (oh so luckily!) lives in Paris. I love her feed, all her photos are so beautifully taken, and her snaps of Paris take me back to my visits there, as well as looking forward to the next trip!

I am already a huge fan of Sarah's blog and her Instagram feed makes me love her photography even more. I have never been to Cornwall, but her beautiful photos - especially her recent post about Bath - have me planning little weekend breaks away to discover these beautiful, closer to home locations.

Sarah is one of my favourite book bloggers, and her Instagram style is so pretty. I love how she styles each photo, and instantly makes even the prettiest book covers look even more appealing. I *may* have bought one or two books after seeing Sarah's wonderful reviews & accompanying photo!

As you may have noticed from some of my previous posts, I love spending time along the glorious North Antrim Coast. North Coast Life's feed as some of the best photos of the area. Their skill shows of the area so well, and the photos really captures the wild beauty of the place.

Georgie is a watercolour illustrator who I was lucky to win a print from. Her watercolour art is inspirational to me as I have recently taken up calligraphy & starting to dabble in a little bit of watercolour. Her feed is so well styled, and I love the use of fresh flowers.

Do you have any favourite Instagram feeds? Let me know below! You can also find my own Instagram feed here, go on, take a peek!


  1. Some lovely accounts on here. Thank you for sharing! 🙃🙂

  2. great accounts you've highlighted here. Enjoyed visiting them! Thanks!

  3. Great choices! Just followed yours from @teaisfortina :) xx